Justice is Now was formed to tackle the widespread use of rape myths in the criminal justice system. Registered by the Charity Commission (Charity number 1194627) our aim is:

To advance the education of the public in the subject of rape as a criminal offence and the attitudes and false beliefs surrounding rape (otherwise known as ‘rape myths’) in order to reduce the prevalence of rape within society and to support victims of rape. 

Our vision is a world, in which justice for victims of sexual violence is the norm, not the exception. Our mission starts within the UK judiciary to support changes to the training and standards of those trusted to achieve justice. We have an advisory board of Barristers who defend and prosecute sexual violence, who have, over the past 18 months, listened closely to concerns raised in the following reports End to end rape review and also considered their strong conviction of the need for advocacy and the jury model to stay protected. Our core projects are:

  • Changing the education system of Barristers to include a module on rape myths and the limits of advocacy, to be introduced in law degrees. The content will include understanding the behaviour of a traumatised victim.
  • To continue to find out directly from Defence Barristers their attitudes towards, opinions about and proposed solutions to finding parity in justice. A core part of this work is in finding out from Defence Barristers why cases can be dismantled so easily and to build this body of evidence to improve Police Investigations.
  • To create and implement a code of conduct that is created by Barristers and signed once the Bar exam is passed for new barristers in post at each court.
  • Increase accountability, by supporting those who go through the court process and can evidence the use of rape myths (through court transcripts/Observers panels) to complain to The Bar Standards Board.